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There's No Guessing - Multiple Door Chimes Let You Know Which Door, Every Time

There's No Guessing - Multiple Door Chimes Let You Know Which Door, Every Time

Mark NeSmith

Vice President of Global Accounts

December 18, 2017

One of the primary purposes of a well-designed life safety and security system is to provide information that’s critically important, even when the system isn’t armed. For a mom who’s preparing dinner in the kitchen, for instance, imagine how important it would be for her to know if her small child has just opened the front door in the other room. With the multiple door chime feature that DMP has added just this December, there’s no guessing which door has opened.

Multiple door chimes let people easily and quickly distinguish by different tones where and when a zone is opened. If it were the back door that opened, mom would know that her child can play safely in the security of her fenced-in back yard. Instead, in the case of the front door opening, the child could be in serious danger if he unknowingly wandered into the busy street. This can happen in an instant and being able to hear distinct audible sounds can provide critical information, even when the system is not armed. And, it’s available at no additional cost.

Our multiple door chime feature also has a great application for your commercial clients. In retail stores, for instance, there’s oftentimes a back door that “should” be locked at all times while the front door is for customers. Having a different chime for each door allows staff to quickly differentiate which one opened and respond accordingly.

The applications are endless. And making it all possible is DMP’s new 1136 Wireless Remote Chime. In cases when a customer has difficulty hearing the keypad chimes, or if they control their system by the app and don’t have a keypad, this multi-function sounder plugs directly into a standard 110V AC wall outlet and allows for flexible placement of additional sounders.

The multiple chimes feature is fully supported starting with control panel Version 172. The newer Graphic Keypad Version 110 and Thinline Version 306 also support this functionality.

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