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Give Your Customers the Advantage of Adaptive Technology™

By Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of Control Panels

If a signal disruption is cause for alarm, your customers need their systems to communicate immediately with their monitoring centers. Thanks to DMP Adaptive Technology, your customers can rest assured their businesses have constant protection.

Not all signal disruptions warrant a costly police dispatch or the call for immediate service. But if the primary communication path is ever disrupted for any reason, DMP’s Adaptive Technology seamlessly “adapts” to the panel’s secondary path and takes over all communication.

“It jumps over to the cellular path and continues to send the panel signal to the monitoring center’s receiver,” says Aaron McGhee, Product Manager of Control Panels.

Now using the cellular communicator, the signal continues, as do all messages, including alarms and trouble notifications. “The monitoring center is receiving all of those messages, so there’s no need for high alert,” McGhee adds. “They know there’s trouble on the primary path, so rather than dispatching the police, they may only need to issue a service ticket to diagnose and resolve the problem.”

While allowing a system to be fully supervised when the primary communication path is unavailable, this technology also minimizes expensive cell traffic when all paths are good. The panel constantly checks the failed path and reverts back to the primary path as soon as communication is restored.

Not all back-up methods are created equal

Having a primary failover is fairly standard in our industry. But companies who use a Network Operations Center are vulnerable to signal transmission delays and even failures. In comparison, DMP’s panels communicate directly with the monitoring center.

Also, DMP’s XR550 panel has a network connection built in, as well as a connector where a cell unit can be added. This not only adds security, but it also allows faster installations. In comparison, other manufacturers offer modules for the two communicators, which customers must purchase separately then install on their panels.

“In DMP’s case, there’s no additional wiring required; all XR550 panels come standard with Adaptive Technology.”

Time is of the Essence

With most existing cellular technology, there’s a two-minute delay between when a dial-up network goes down and the first cellular transmission occurs. That’s a two-minute window of opportunity for people trying to attack a location.

“Other panels will continue to retry sending out that signal for two minutes before it finally switches over to cellular,” McGhee says. “With Adaptive Technology, the switch occurs automatically. When lives are at stake, that’s definitely a great feature to have for any system, especially for high security clients.”

Adaptive Technology Shines Like a Jewel in New York’s Diamond District

Perhaps one of the most obvious places where Adaptive Technology plays a very important role is New York’s Diamond District, where most diamonds imported into the U.S. find a brief home. Here, along West 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in the heart of Manhattan are more than 2,000 independent jewelry businesses, most of them located in booths or “exchanges.” Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of responsibility riding on the security companies who protect them.

In the event of any signal disruptions, DMP Adaptive Technology instantly transfers communication from the primary to the backup paths. For New York’s Diamond District and all of your high-end accounts, you can rest assured their facilities’ security is constantly monitored.

“Adaptive Technology has actually helped us stop burglaries in process. It has saved many of our customers from having major losses,” says DGA Security Systems Vice President Craig Dacher, CET, CPP.

DGA has been serving many of the Diamond District’s business owners for more than 20 years. The UL requires all of the district’s merchants to have security systems with a primary failover plan. But because DMP’s two-way communication between the panel and receiver will automatically restore the network signal when it’s available, DGA can offer its clients the advantage of efficiency. As Dacher says, “The internet is free. Cellular costs money. When the system switches to radio backup, the signal polls at a higher rate,” he explains. “When you’re paying for that high data transfer rate at all times, it can cost a fortune. Adaptive Technology saves us a tremendous amount of data and money.”

If you’d like to discuss how Adaptive Technology can serve your customers, we’re here to help. Please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

This article originally appeared in Issue 2 of the Security Dealer Digest.

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