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Are You Taking Advantage of Dealer Account Yet?

Are You Taking Advantage of Dealer Account Yet?

Owen Security Solutions Says It’s a Simple, Safe and Secure Way to Save Time and Money

With 8,000+ customers and 40 employees, Owen Security Solutions partners with DMP to meet its customers’ security needs — in addition, Owen’s Director of Operations April Chastain says DMP’s secure accounting portal also plays a key role in supporting the company.

“Dealer Account has taken us to the next level,” Chastain says. As a 12-year employee at Owen, she adds, “We’ve been using Dealer Account since it was introduced in 2019, and it has made a big impact on our day-to-day efficiencies.”

What is Dealer Account?

Dealer Account provides you with a dashboard of important information about your account. It’s like a private link to your DMP Accounts Receivable Specialist — conveniently available 24/7/365, giving you real-time private access to your account details whenever you need them.

As the one at Owen who makes sure DMP orders are placed in time for customers’ scheduled installations, Chastain says, “It’s my job to make sure things runs smoothly and efficiently.” To track shipments, Chastain appreciates not having to look through emails to find tracking numbers. Instead, that information is all available from Dealer Account — all she has to do is log in to verify when orders will arrive.

Dealer Account also lets you manage open invoices. Otherwise, Chastain explains, “We were using a combination of logging into DMP’s website to see what invoices were open and then referring back to our accounts payable system. There was always a lot of back and forth with a lot of questions. Having it all in one place is much easier.”

With one button from Dealer Account, you can also print and download a list of unpaid invoices into Excel with invoice numbers, the amount due and due dates. This makes it easy to forward the report, sort or make notes.

“We’re doing our best to make it as easy as possible to do business with us,” says DMP CFO Chris Stange. “And that’s exactly why we continue to expand Dealer Account.”

This summer, Dealer Account added DMP’s price list, updated the first of the month. You’ll also see any upcoming price changes taking effect the next month. With this, you’re always working with up-to-date pricing.

“You can also download the price list with the newest updates,” Chastain adds. “We have been developing our own software — being able to download the price list from Dealer Account has been very helpful.” The downloadable file is available to view in Categories, Part Numbers or as a Flat File without formatting.

How Dealer Account Helps Save Money

Like Owen, you can also use the portal to securely schedule and pay invoices electronically, directly to DMP with no delays. You’re never at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver checks on time. After logging in, simply select the invoices you wish to pay and when. This gives you complete control of your cash flow. You can also schedule payments to be made today or anytime in the future. Dealer Account even calculates and automatically applies any available early-pay discount.

For instance, the ability to schedule electronic bank-to-bank payments allows you to take advantage of DMP’s early-pay discount and manage your days to pay so you’re eligible for DMP’s Free Ground Freight program.

“Dealer Account has taken us to the next level,” says April Chastain, Director of Operations at Owen Security Solutions. “We’ve been using Dealer Account since it was introduced in 2019, and it has made a big impact on our day-to-day efficiencies.”

When it comes to keeping track of these discounts, Chastain adds, “Because bills are created after we receive the order, we could miss getting the discount. But this helps us stay on track so we can save money.”

Simple, Safe and Secure

Making payments through Dealer Account isn’t just simple — it’s safe and secure. Just set up a bank account to pay from — this is a one-time process. When you submit your bank information, it’s encrypted using industry-standard protocols to a secure data center that’s PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and SSAE 16 certified. Banking data is not stored on DMP servers.

To make sure you always have the software support you need, Dealer Account also provides visibility to your software licenses and their support statuses. Thirty days prior to a license expiration, company Admins, License Managers and everyone on the License Contact list will receive an email reminder with a link to the support invoice. You can export this list, just like open invoices and current price lists, so the information is easy to share and update.

How to sign up and begin using DMP Dealer Account?

If your company has not used DMP Dealer Account, contact your DMP Accounts Receivable representative to sign up. Dealer Account is a free service to DMP dealers — and while other vendors offer similar accounting portals, Chastain adds, “This is one of the easiest to use and the most user friendly. It’s easy to go in and find what you need.”

This article originally appeared in Issue 4 of the Security Dealer Digest.

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