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Available Now: Video Only App & Customer Referral Program

Take Advantage of These New Ways to Expand Your Business

Video doorbells are one of this year’s hottest selling smart devices, and now, you have the flexibility to offer customers a Video Only offering.

This puts you in a great position to gain new customers by leading with DMP’s Video Doorbell and other cameras. Give customers the video surveillance they want, plus the convenience of the Virtual Keypad app. When they’re ready to expand their security, you’ll be in the best position to help them make that upgrade.

The Video Only App package includes compatible cameras, SecureCom NVRs and Video Doorbells. Like any other Virtual Keypad app package, you can tailor the selections to suit your customer’s needs.

Introducing the All-New Customer Referral Program

Satisfied customers are happy to tell their friends and families about exceptional products and services. Now, with DMP’s new Customer Referral Program, you have an easy way to leverage the influence and reach of your customers.

From Dealer Settings, you can now enable Customer Referrals, which allows you to offer your current Virtual Keypad app users an incentive to refer an alarm system to their friends. You can tailor the offering as you like, and it's all managed automatically for you in your Dealer Admin account.

When you enable it, your customer will see a new Refer a Friend tab in their Virtual Keypad App — this allows them to easily text their friends a link from Virtual Keypad that is customized with your branding and message. To redeem the special offer or get additional information about your services, prospects submit their contact information, which is immediately posted as a warm sales lead for you to follow up with on the Customer Referrals page within Dealer Admin.

This new program can create a win-win opportunity for everyone. You have an opportunity to add new business, and in turn, those new customers as well as your existing ones will have their security needs met.

Other New Features

12-Digit User Code Support - Longer user code ranges add security. Now Dealer Admin, Virtual Keypad and Tech APP give you the flexibility to create and edit users with 5-12 user code digits. Previously, you could only add up to a 6-digit code.

Add Users from Invalid Card Reads - Virtual Keypad now enables you to quickly add users from History when an invalid card is swiped at an access door. When you select Add Card, Virtual Keypad opens the Add User pane and auto-fills the card’s internal number.

For more information about this feature update, please refer to TU-1115. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.