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System Tests and Emergency Contact Lists —
Now you and your customers can easily manage both without a single call to the central station.

When customers need their systems placed on or off test, they’ll never have to wait on hold again. Rather than standing by while central station operators handle higher priority alarms, now Virtual Keypad™ gives customers a quick and easy way of managing system tests themselves.

What does this mean for your customers?
For your customers, managing routine system tests has never been easier. But that’s not all — Virtual Keypad also gives them the freedom to change their emergency contact lists any time they need to.

Imagine it’s the weekend and the manager at Bob’s Laundromat quits. Without wasting a minute, Bob can delete that manager’s name from his emergency contacts, easily with the same app he’s already accustomed to using. Whatever the circumstances, now Bob and all your customers can use the app or browser to quickly add, delete and edit their emergency contacts, even change the order in which they’re prioritized.

You and your central station benefit too
Any changes your customers make are automatically updated in your central station’s automation software. No one has to manually enter any contact updates, eliminating duplicate effort and any chance of making mistakes.

Everyone wins

  • Your Customers - They’ll appreciate the ability to easily manage their security whenever they need to. Adding these features to Virtual Keypad only makes your customers’ experience that much better!
  • Your Central Station - Now operators can more fully focus on higher priority issues in the alarm stack. Fewer routine calls may also mean your central station can handle the workload just fine without needing more operators.
  • Your Technicians – Rather than having to call the central station to request systems be placed on or off test, now technicians can do it themselves through Dealer Admin™ or the Tech APP™ — either one without a single call. This remote access to system tests eliminates wasted time during installations and service calls.

SecureCom Wireless™ Announces Central Station Automation Integration
This is yours to take advantage of, thanks to a new direct integration between Dealer Admin and central station automation software. Whether you’re using Affiliated Monitoring, Rapid Response or another major monitoring center, this integration is available to you at no cost as a Dealer Admin account holder.

“We’re very excited to offer this integration,” says Barrett Hillenburg, Product Manager of Software Applications. “It’s an excellent opportunity for all of our dealers with system test and emergency contact management being just the first of many more integration features to come.”

From Dealer Admin’s new Central Station page, select the central station you’re using to add the integration. Then, set up Receivers, where you can add as many prefixes as needed to ensure each panel is linked properly to automation.

Also keep in mind, this integration is configurable by the customer. If you have customers for which you want to maintain management of their system tests and emergency contacts, you can. Simply check the Exclude from Central Stations box when adding or editing Customer Information, and those customers will not be connected with this integration.

Don’t see your central station?
This integration is free to you and every other DMP dealer, regardless of the central station you’re using. If your central station isn’t in the drop-down list, you’ll be able to create a custom integration directly from this page.
Firmware/Software Version Requirements

If you still have questions or would like additional information, please contact, call 877-757-4367 or contact your DMP Dealer Development Manager.

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