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Convert Honeywell V-Plex Systems to DMP with the New 736V

New 736V V-Plex Module Makes it Easy to Upgrade V-Plex Systems

The DMP interface module that lets you take over a Honeywell V-Plex System is now shipping. The new 736V V-Plex Module saves you time and money by allowing you to upgrade existing systems, especially those where the vast majority of your time and effort is spent replacing the sensors and wiring. Your bids can be much lower by reusing the existing V-Plex devices and wire, giving you the competitive advantage when updating schools or large commercial applications. The introduction of this product means that you can now upgrade Honeywell V-Plex systems to DMP faster and easier than ever before.

“The 736V is an interface board installed between the V-Plex polling loop and the DMP XR Series panel,” explains Brian Crouse, product manager for DMP Wireless & Keypads.“It takes the place of the V-Plex ‘Gateway’ and allows an XR150 or XR550 panel to replace the existing Honeywell panel.”

With the 736V V-Plex Module, you can use the existing wiring and sensors. In many cases with these large municipal or industrial installations, it can be difficult to find or gain access to all the wiring. You may run into asbestos or other remediation issues, further complicating the process. When you don’t have to rewire the entire building or install new sensors, those potential problems can be avoided, and you can bid on jobs with confidence that you will have the most competitive price.

“Dealers often feel the compelling need to upgrade a system to the newest XR Series features and benefits, but the customer's budget doesn’t support the added cost of having to replace the existing sensors and wiring in order to make the improvements needed. The 736V now provides a cost-effective opportunity for you to provide your customers with an updated system at a cost that fits their budgets. You also now have the added benefit of being able to provide customers the benefits of the Virtual Keypad app,” says Crouse. “Since this product is currently unique to DMP, dealers will find themselves at a more cost-effective price point than their non-DMP competitors, even Honeywell® Dealers upgrading a Honeywell® system."

The new module connects to the DMP LX Bus. Each module supports up to 96 supervised zones - all powered by the LX Bus. On an XR550, you’ll be able to add up to five 736V modules. If you only have 50 zones on a Bus, Crouse adds, “You have the flexibility to use the other available zones for DMP’s Two-Way Wireless or LX-Bus hardwired devices."

You also have a number of installation options. The easiest method is to program the V-Plex serial numbers into the DMP panel which programs the device serial numbers into the 736V’s memory.

As you may know, if you’re replacing a Radionics® POPIT® control panel, you can count on DMP’s 736P POPIT Interface Module to make the upgrade and use the existing Radionics wiring. Now, you have that same flexibility and cost savings when upgrading a Honeywell® V-Plex system.

In order to use the new V-Plex module, first download the XR Series Version 191 (7/2/19) Update which features 736V support for XR Series panels.

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