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CSR-35P Switches to Configurable Read Range Model

Models CSR-35 and CSR-35-OSDP Both Programmable Up to 30 Feet

DMP’s line of contactless Conekt Bluetooth readers and mobile access credentials give customers the convenience they’re asking for. And today, we’re excited to announce our Bluetooth reader also offers longer read range than we’ve offered previously. Please make a note that DMP’s CSR-35P and CSR-35P-OSDP model numbers have changed to CSR-35 and CSR-35-OSDP, respectively.

“With this change, every reader now comes with a configuration card allowing you to set the mobile credential read range to whatever your customer specifies, up to 30 feet,” explains Justin Norris, product manager of Access Control.

As a member of DMP’s high-security readers, the CSR-35 reader is based on the proven LEGIC® contactless digital RFID platform and interfaces easily with DMP’s access control modules. Not only does the reader support mobile credentials, but it also supports MIFARE DESFire physical credentials. With either of these credential types your customer can take advantage of an even higher security encryption technology than traditional proximity credentials.

“The CSR-35 has the exact same functionality as the CSR-35P,” Norris adds. “Only now dealers have more flexibility in being able to easily change the credential’s read distance at any time in the field with a simple presentation of the configuration card after power up.”

The readers also offer the same installation options and can be installed on a metal door, window frame or flat surface at any entry point. Both the Wiegand and OSDP versions of the Conekt reader offer the programmable read range. And both are available to ship today at the same price they’ve always been.

To learn more, click here for a FAQ outlining the ordering and activation process or here for the High Security, Bluetooth Reader, Credentials spec sheet. If you have other questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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