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Custom Roles, Bulk New User Code Importing Now Available in Dealer Admin

Now You Can Easily Import Your Customers’ New User Codes in Bulk Plus Create Custom Roles for Your Employees

Introducing a fast and easy way to import multiple customer user codes into Dealer Admin or Virtual Keypad Access. And, with Dealer Admin 2.29 and Tech APP 2.4, you also have the flexibility to create custom roles and assign permissions for Dealer Admin among your employee personnel on a granular level.

With this new feature you can create your own roles for the members of your team and name those roles anything you want, then assign the appropriate Dealer Admin rights to that specific job function.

For example, you may create a role called “Weekend Service Tech” and assign them permission to connect to panels only on weekends, 24 hours a day. Or, you could create a role called “Residential Installer” with permission only to program systems from the Tech APP Monday – Friday. You might create a “Customer Service Rep” and assign them permission to Login as Customer and Create Service Requests with the ability to create reports, view customers and programming but not change system programming. The roles you can create are granular, and you can tailor them for your specific company and employee job descriptions.

You can enable some people to see pricing and not others. You can assign a role called “Marketing Manager” that has access to Marketing Central but no other parts of Dealer Admin. Now, you have the option of creating a custom role to make that distinction and choosing which of the features those individuals have permission to manage. All your custom roles will be listed along with the standard authority levels we already offer and are ready for to you to assign to your employees. Like access control “Profiles” in the XR panels, you create them, you define them and you assign them to who you want to have those permissions. For a description of the available permissions, see the tables below.

Importing New User Codes: A Time-Saving Benefit for You and Your Customers

Introducing Batch User Code Importing, a new feature that eliminates having to add new user codes individually. “This gives our dealers and their customers the flexibility to add a list of new users into an XR or XT system, all with one click,” explains Clayton Tummons, vice president of software for SecureCom Wireless.

Now you have two options: You can import using a Remote Link file or the template provided on Dealer Admin. “Whether our dealers use the template or a Remote Link file, either way is a definite time saver.”

For the end user, the CSV template is also available on VirtualKeypad Access to download. Using the template gives commercial end users an easy way to create a list with all the necessary information, including user names, user codes and profile numbers,” Clayton adds. “They can import that list directly into Virtual Keypad Access, again with one click.”

For more information on either of these new features, please review TU-1109 for Dealer Admin Version 2.29 and Tech APP 2.4.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 855-575-4367 or at

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