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Dealer Admin Now Offers Enhanced Templates
Save time and money with simplified programming and installations
Dealer Admin now offers enhanced templates

Installations and programming have never been easier using Dealer Admin Templates, now fully developed with support for all programming concepts. This means you can take full advantage of Dealer Admin’s Auto Programming and Pre-Programming by using the complete set of Dealer Admin tools.

How will this update benefit you?
  • Apply standardized programming to a new or existing system.
  • Complete panel programming, including zones, devices and areas.
  • Create a standard template to apply across multiple systems.
  • The option to “Create Template from Programming” from any new or existing system.
Dealer Admin Templates provides a significant improvement across a variety of programing installation situations. Whether they’re highly custom or “two doors and a motion,” using consistent programming templates saves time and reduces costly mistakes resulting in “go-backs.”

Best Practices for Templates in Residential Applications
Even as homes differ, in residential settings, many aspects of programming stay the same across installations. For example:

  • Communication Type
  • Receiver Programming and Transmission Delay
  • Keypads and other devices
  • System Type, Entry Delay and Zip Code
  • Sirens or other Outputs
  • Zone Information
  • Wired or Wireless Zones— or “two doors and a motion.”

Commercial Applications
Alongside the features listed above for residential settings, additional applications for programming and installing in commercial settings include:

  • 734 Options and Card Formats
  • Integrator Connection
  • System Reports

Retail Applications
For creating templates in retail situations, any template can be easily applied to multiple sites with the same security footprint. For instance, every specific quick-serve restaurant may have the same back door, front door, a safe in the manager’s office and a panic button under the counter. Using Dealer Admin’s Templates, the same programming can be applied across every location.

These new features mean your technicians can spend less time on programming and installations and more time finishing other jobs in the field. For your customers, this means higher satisfaction with quick instillations.

Read the Feature Update
To see the full capabilities of the latest Dealer Admin update, watch the Training Center video or read the Feature Update linked above. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

DMP Training Center: Dealer Admin Templates

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