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August 13, 2015

DMP now offers the 1148 Personal Pendant, providing users with a simple, one-button alert system that works with their DMP system. Individuals living alone can now have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can instantly summon help in the event of a fall or other emergency. The 1148 Personal Pendant is the latest example of how DMP provides a steady stream of enhancements to extend security system features, functions, and life.

The 1148 Personal Pendant can be programmed as a wireless panic, supervisory or any other type of zone, increasing the number of pendants that can be used per panel as well as applications. The status LED provides visual confirmation that the pendant transmitted an alert message and it was received by the panel. The confirmation signal continues to blink for five minutes.

"Users typically rely on DMP technology for larger jobs like protecting entire residential or commercial premises from intrusion and fire," said Vice President of Product Design, Jeff Britton. "The 1148 Personal Pendant is, as its name indicates, a very personal protection device. As a low-cost add-on to the user’s existing system, the 1148 Personal Pendant provides a personal notification system at a cost far below purchasing a separate standalone system and related subscription.”

The pendant can be worn like a watch using the wristband or as a pendant on the break-away lanyard. The strap and lanyard are both included and easily trimmed to provide a comfortable fit. The pendant is ultrasonically sealed, making it both durable and water resistant. Battery life is estimated at 2.5-3 years, with a low-battery alert to warn users it’s time to replace the pendant.

Additional accessories:

  • 1148-LANYARD/10: Pendant lanyard, 10 pack
  • 1148-WRIST/10: Pendant wrist band, 10 pack
  • 1148-SHELL/10: Pendant demo shell, 10 pack

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