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DMP 265LTE-V Cellular Communicator Now Shipping

As you know, our industry will soon face the required transition from 3G to LTE. This transition may be difficult. But please be assured that we share the value you place on being able to use new technology to continue moving your business forward, not backward.

To that end, we are pleased to announce our LTE plan for 2018. The new LTE communicators allow alarm messages to be communicated to an SCS-1R or SCS-VR receiver over the Verizon LTE network. As with earlier-generation products, the LTE communicators are designed to work with digital cellular service from SecureCom Wireless™ – enabling dealers to get systems up and running quickly.

In the coming weeks, DMP will release the following LTE models for the Verizon network:

  • 265LTE-V Cellular Communicator for XTLplus(available NOW)
  • 263LTE-V Cellular Communicator for XT Series™ and XR150/XR550 Series™ panels (available late April)
  • CellCom-LTE-V (available mid-April)
  • CellComF-LTE-V (available mid-April)

Each of our new LTE modules are designed with Cat-M1 technology. These modems weren’t the first to be released by the modem manufactures, but they offer you important advantages; namely, 10 years of serviceand a cost savings on every module. Furthermore, adds Bill Dorman, SecureCom Wireless technical director:

“DMP’s CAT-M1 LTE modems will make use of Verizon’s 700 MHz frequency range. The current CDMA modems on Verizon use the 850 MHz range. This means that the lower frequency of the LTE modems have better range and penetration inside buildings. In addition, the CAT-M1 LTE technology make use of a new modulation that does a better job of defeating objects such as walls.”

Transitioning to LTE technology is a fact our entire industry must face. As we do, we’re confident our new family of LTE communicators will meet your expectations and keep moving your business forward.

Pricing for the new communicators is available on under the Latest Pricing Notifications. For questions or more information, please contact one of our Inside Sales Representatives at or 877-757-4367 or one of our Tech Support Technicians at or 888-4-DMP-TEC (888-436-7832).

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.