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DMP 763 Wi-Fi Module Now Compatible with XR150/XR550

March 25, 2016

New Access Control Features & Control4™ Driver for XR Series

New Communication Features
The new 763 Wi-Fi Module adds Wi-Fi capability to the XR150/XR550 Series Control Panel. Add the 763 to any XR150/XR550 panel to reduce installation time. Your customers can now rely on Wi-Fi as their primary communication link and Cellular as the backup.

The 763 is a much-appreciated add-on for users who rely on the Virtual Keypad™ App or to communicate with their alarm system. For residential customers and small businesses, the cost of the 763 can be quickly recouped with reduced cellular costs.

The 763 supports WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to simplify the configuration process to establish a secure connection with the customer’s Wi-Fi. Accelerate your installations, your alarm signaling and your customers’ ability to access their XR panel via their mobile devices by adding the easy-to-install 763 Wi-Fi Module.

The 763 is also compatible with the XT30/XT50 Series control panels. To view that email release from January 2016, please click here.

New Access Control Features
Invalid Code Reporting with EasyEnroll™

The Invalid Code Reporting feature shows code output of card reads that are not programmed in the system. User code output from un-programmed cards can be viewed in the event viewer. The Invalid Code Reporting allows administrators to gain some insight as to who may be trying to gain access to the premises.

The EasyEnroll feature allows those invalid codes to be easily added as a user from the event viewer. When a credential (card code) is presented at a reader and the code is not recognized by the system, the credential is denied access. At a keypad, a user whose profile allows them to view events and add user codes can view and manage invalid user codes from the Display Events menu option. The EasyEnroll essentially makes any reader in the system an admin reader and easily allows administrators to add new users to the system.

New Home Automation Features

Control4™ Integration

Easily integrate your XR Series panels with Control4™. This update now supports the SDDP broadcast required for easy IP integration to Control4. Once integrated the new driver is designed to remain generic and flexible, which gives dealers greater control over the security system. Arm or disarm your system and receive full zone status. The driver also allows for custom user codes defined inside the Control4 Composer!

  • Arm/disarm individual areas
  • Track zone status for each area
  • Define user codes for each area (30 users per area)
  • Set individual areas to bypass/force zones on arm
  • Receive user disarmed events for use in Control4 programming:
    • User 1 Disarmed - Turn lights on in User 1's office
  • 2.8 Alarm Proxy

For more information & to download the new Control4 driver go to

Note: The Control4 driver is not yet fully certified from Control4, so it does not automatically download the DMP driver. The driver is available for download and manual integration until the certification process is complete.


  • XR150/XR550 V112 (3/22/16) (XR150 Level F or higher) TU-0840
  • Remote Link & System Link, V1.78 (3/14/16) TU-0841

Version 112 update for XR550 from DMP Alarms on Vimeo.

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