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DMP Adds Powerful New Video Verification Features

Mapping Cameras to Zones Allows Monitoring Station Operators the Ability to Make Critical Decisions Faster

It’s no surprise why homeowners and businesses love Video Verification — by simply opening the Virtual Keypad™ app, they can immediately access their cameras to see what’s happening. When the central station receives an alarm, this feature allows operators to view live and recorded video on the Monitoring Station Video Verification page. With Version 2.19 of Dealer Admin™, we now support Video Verification for the SecureCom™ Video NVR.

In respect of customers’ privacy, it’s important to note that operators don’t have access to the cameras all the time. “The live stream starts as soon as the operator selects the 'View Live Video' button,” explains Jon Adams, director of Business Development with SecureCom Wireless™. “Operators can also go back to the time of the alarm event or to another time. However, they’ll only be able to access video up to 60 minutes after the alarm.”

This is a great opportunity to expand your commercial business, he adds. “Most business owners want the benefit of video verification with an NVR for continuous recording. If they’re unavailable for any reason, they want the peace of mind knowing their monitoring centers are able to see what’s happening and will notify the authorities, if necessary.”

By making this available through Dealer Admin, there’s no new software required or IT infrastructure needed. “You can begin offering Video Verification today without having to invest in any new infrastructure or buying new modules, receivers, or software.

Mapping Cameras to Zones
With this release, you also have the ability to assign zones to cameras. Therefore, in the event of an alarm, the clips will come from the cameras that are assigned to the zones in alarm. Clips triggered by cameras that see motion but are not assigned to a zone in alarm will also be provided. This limits the amount of cameras an operator views in the Video Verification screen. Mapping cameras to zones allows monitoring station operators the ability to make critical decisions faster.

To enable either feature or for more information, please review the Dealer Admin Version 2.19 Feature Update TU-1063. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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