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The 1135DB Wireless Siren provides a high-decibel device that will provide an effective alert in many alarm applications. At 110 decibels, the new siren is as loud as a typical car horn. The 1135DB is the latest addition to the constantly expanding selection of DMP wireless security devices.

“When it comes to sirens, louder is often better,” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “Other sirens are the perfect solution in smaller homes and commercial installations. In many residences and small businesses, the new version will encourage a more speedy departure of intruders, and ensure that everyone hears and can respond to an alarm.”

The battery-powered 1135DB is equipped with a case tamper and a wall tamper. As a wireless device, it can be placed in the optimum location. The survey LED makes one-man installation fast and easy.

For both residential and commercial end users, the 1135DB is an easy, add-on sale to customers who want the extra security provided by locating sirens in several interior locations.

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