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DMP Announces Partnership with Viscount

March 08, 2016

Springfield, Missouri - March 8, 2016 - Viscount Systems, Inc, a software company specializing in physical and logical security solutions, announced its product partnership agreement with Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), a manufacturer of electronic alarms and access products.

Viscount and DMP have agreed to allow for the integration of the IT-centric access control platform, Freedom, with a number of products from DMP’s suite of open architecture alarm management technologies. This strategic alliance will enable joint customers to enhance the communication base and integration capabilities between each brand’s best-selling products. Both companies will also gain access to opportunities within their shared large target markets of government, retail, banking and commercial/enterprise.

DMP intrusion products are based on a combination of hardwired and wireless, open architecture solutions and offer the ability to connect a variety of monitoring systems together to enhance communication and security processes. The forward and backward compatible architecture of DMP intrusion alarm consolidation systems and keypads allow for further facilitated compatibility with Freedom Access Control’s ability to leverage native IT infrastructures, expanding the reach in both product families of real-time situational awareness, intrusion detection and identity management.

“We believe that the combination of DMP’s superior intrusion technology with the award winning access control solution provided by Viscount, will provide existing and future customers a powerful and more cost efficient option for comprehensive protection with a government-certified access control system,” said Vince Adams, Director of Market Development, Government Solutions, DMP. “Viscount’s access control solutions are uniquely based on IT infrastructure. Customers who already rely on DMP alarm intrusion products and require HSPD-12 access control operation will benefit greatly from the cost savings and even more comprehensive protection that come from a government-certified access control system. Current customers who have a requirement for operating in an HSPD-12 environment can now integrate the time tested and approved DMP intrusion solution with the Freedom Access Control system for a superior, cost effective, total security solution.”

Viscount Freedom is an IT-centric access control suite designed for a more complex threat environment. It is inherently flexible, enabling users to trust its robust, secure architecture in government and enterprise organizations. Freedom Access Control bridges the gap between the physical, logical and cyber security worlds with a software-centric, standards-based approach to physical access control and identity management.

“Viscount is continuing to gain momentum on its path to growth and collaboration with other manufacturers across the globe, and we are excited to join forces with a well-established purveyor of vital intrusion monitoring devices whose products are relied on for mission critical applications in a wide variety of markets,” said Scott Sieracki, CEO, Viscount Systems. “DMP’s and Viscount’s product families both offer access control and alarm monitoring solutions separately, but the cooperation of these products’ specializations primes businesses for much stronger security networks that are future-proof and cost-effective.”

About Viscount

Viscount is the leading provider of next-generation, IT-centric access control and identity management applications. Viscount’s Freedom application platform allows seamless unification of the physical and digital security worlds by replacing discrete, self-contained systems with an integrated security system that is sophisticated enough to protect today’s critical business assets, and flexible enough to keep up with the evolving IT infrastructures of government and private organizations. For more information please visit:

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