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DMP AT&T LTE is Here!

AT&T LTE Alarm Communicators on the best LTE network coverage in the U.S.

For areas that require AT&T service, DMP is excited to offer new AT&T LTE modems. Starting today, you can order:

  • 265LTE-A Cellular Communicator for XTLplus™
  • 263LTE-A Cellular Communicator for XT Series™
  • 263LTE-A/381-2 for XR150/XR550 Series™ panels

These three cellular communicators provide a fully supervised alarm communication path over AT&T’s LTE Network that was just named the best network in the U.S. by GWS OneScore (Sept., 2018).

“Moving to a new core cell communication technology that these new units employ will allow us to offer more LTE communications options,” explains Aaron McGhee, product manager for DMP control panels. “It will also allow us to work on incorporating more features that will benefit dealers and their customers in the future.”

Each of these new cell communicators, like our current Verizon LTE communicators, are designed with Cat-M1 technology. This offers important advantages, like: maximum network lifespan, affordable module pricing, and greater performance through buildings and external walls.

For more information, please view the documents below:

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