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DMP Awarded Patents for Cancel/Verify™ Feature
DMP Awarded Patents for Cancel/Verify™ Feature

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has been awarded two patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Cancel/Verify feature. Cancel/Verify allows users to instantly cancel false alarms or verify genuine emergencies so responders will be immediately dispatched. The patents give DMP the exclusive right to include this highly desirable feature in its alarm panels.

“Innovation never stops at DMP,” said Marketing Executive Director Mark Hillenburg. “We constantly search for new technology to improve the functions and features of our products, and Cancel/Verify is a great example. It's very simple to use, but it greatly improves the security and convenience for DMP system owners. Because this technology is protected by two patents, only DMP can offer the Cancel/Verify feature.”

With Cancel/Verify, when an alarm sounds, the system owner can immediately enter the code to silence the alarm and evaluate the situation. Although silenced, all system sensors remain active. If it proves to be a false alarm, the user can press CANCEL on the keypad to notify the monitoring station. This prevents fees or penalties from responders dispatched to a false alarm. It also limits the monitoring center's phone traffic by reducing inbound calls from customers canceling false alarms and outbound calls trying to verify alarms.

If it’s a true emergency situation, the user can press VERIFY to send a signal to the monitoring center verifying the alarm. The operators follow the protocol to immediately take action and summon the appropriate emergency responders without any delay for a verbal confirmation via phone.

The ability to use Cancel/Verify via SMS text message is protected by a separate patent. This feature provides the ability to use a cell phone as a remote keypad. The DMP alarm panel notifies the user via a text message when there is an alarm. The user can respond to the alarm with a CANCEL or VERIFY text message, just as if they were at their keypad.

Cancel/Verify is represented by Patent 7,772,971 B1 Method for the proactive verification of alarm signals from the protected premises, as well as Patent 7,817,029 B Method for remote pre-verification of alarm signals and remote alarm system control.

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