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DMP Delivers New Dual-Button Key Fob with Panic Features

December 17, 2015

Introducing the 1144-D

Now you can offer a new and convenient way for your customers to have wireless panic features. DMP announces the availability of the all new 1144-D Dual Button Panic Key Fob. The 1144 is the second generation design of the small key fob used as a panic button that virtually eliminates the possibility of a false alarm by requiring independent buttons to be depressed for two seconds to initiate an alarm. The just-released 1144-D Key Fob Transmitter includes many of the features of the 1145 series key fobs but with an improved case design.

"The 1144-D is a nicely enhanced second generation product, with up to 30% more battery, but still in a small package,” said Executive Director of Marketing, Mark Hillenburg. “The two button operation is a nice solution for any duress or panic application.”

The 1144-D employs a Sony™ CR2430 battery that is 30% larger than the battery used by the very popular 1145-1 single button first generation model.

All 1144 Series Key Fob transmitters are portable, water resistant, and designed to be clipped to a keychain or lanyard. The LED visual display acknowledges when a button is pressed, providing confirmation that the message was received by the system. Each fob comes programmed with standard button functions that can be reprogrammed to perform other desired functions.

The 1144-D that is releasing today will be joined by the 1144-1, 1144-2, and 1144-4 key fobs mid-January 2016. The complete 1144 Series will include:

  • 1144-D Wireless Dual-Button Key Fob
  • 1144-1 Wireless One-Button Key Fob
  • 1144-2 Wireless Two-Button Key Fob
  • 1144-4 Wireless Four-Button Key Fob

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