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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has completed renovations at its Springfield headquarters, expanding the space dedicated to product engineering, quality assurance, and training for dealers and customers. The just-completed interior changes took advantage of space added last year when DMP increased the size of their building by 22,000 sq. ft. The renovation enables DMP to expand its product design and engineering capabilities, preparing the company for planned growth.

"While many companies in our industry and most other industries have experienced sales losses and job cuts, DMP is going strong," said Vice President of Corporate Services, Steve Powell. "As we look ahead to increasing our product development and growing sales, we needed to expand several areas of our facility. The recent renovations give us the space needed for new hires and a base of operations for our future growth. "

Since increasing their manufacturing space by 22,000 sq. ft. last year, DMP reconfigured its production lines for greater efficiency. The just-completed interior renovations capitalize on the freed-up space, nearly doubling the size of the Engineering area and Quality Assurance Lab. The company also expanded its meeting / product training area, which was no longer able to accommodate the size of growing dealer, sales, and employee meetings.

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