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DMP has released the latest addition to its growing selection of security and fire sensors. The 2W-BLX and 2WT-BLX Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detectors require reduced wiring, which speeds installation. As an addressable device, it reports the specific alarm location, enabling monitoring centers and emergency responders to pinpoint the exact location of the alarm.

“Adding new features sometimes means increasing the complexity of device installation and operation," explained Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “With the new 2W-BLX and 2WT-BLX Smoke Detectors, the opposite is true. This detector is a faster-installing device that significantly improves the ability of fire and emergency resources to respond effectively when there’s an alarm. That faster response can mean greater safety for building occupants and reduced damage to the home or building and its contents.”

Single-point addressable technology means each detector reports individually to the panel. In an alarm situation, facility owners and emergency responders instantly know the exact trouble location. Once on scene, responders don't waste valuable time searching for the location of the fire.

Compared to non-addressable devices, addressable detectors require much simpler wiring. This reduces both installation time and the chance of installation errors. The mounting base can be installed in a variety of fixtures and pre-wired so the heads can simply be inserted to complete the installation. Setting the address is as easy as setting the on-board rotary switches to positions matching the LX-Bus zone number address. Wide-angle, dual-color LEDs provide at-a-glance status indication, visually confirming correct installation and operation.

Compatibility: XR Series Panels.

View the Smoke Detector video here.

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