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DMP Introduces Dealer Account

*Free Forever if You Sign Up Before February 15, 2019!

The all-new DMP Dealer Account is your secure online accounting portal that's designed to help make your life easier and is available to you 24/7/365. It cuts your expenses by eliminating the need for postage, paper, and you never have to wait for us to send you an invoice or a statement ever again.

Freight costs are between 3-5% of your total expense when buying product. If you are eligible for Free Domestic Ground Freight from DMP, Dealer Account lets you manage your days to pay so you can get the full benefit of this program. If you pay within 10 days and take the 1% discount, you can earn up to 18% on your money. To see how you can obtain Free Freight and maximize your savings, read the details here.

With Dealer Account, you'll never be at the mercy of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your check on time. Simply point and click to pay. You'll also have better control of your cash flow - you can simply and securely pay invoices electronically directly to DMP with no delays. You are in complete control of what invoices you pay and when.

Dealer Account uses industry-standard banking security and features a deep integration with our bank. In fact, DMP never maintains any of your financial data.

If other members of your staff are responsible for managing invoices, cash flow, and making payments, your Administrative user can add or delete those users. Dealer Account also allows users to review year-to-date purchases and your six-month average days to pay. Like all of the other features of Dealer Account, this is easy to do.

But Dealer Account is more than just easy. If perhaps there's something in our records that's not reconciling with yours, having access to your account provides transparency, eliminating any surprises and ensures accuracy. In other words, think of Dealer Account as your private, direct link to your Accounts Receivable Specialist.

You can benefit in many more ways with Dealer Account - in fact, we think you'll have a new favorite way to interface with us when you give Dealer Account a try! To learn more or get signed up, contact your DMP Accounts Receivable Specialist today.

Cindy Norris | | 417-447-9667

Sara Dunaway | | 417-447-9635

Carla Pinkley | | 417-447-9651

*Already signed up for Dealer Account? Rest assured - You'll never have to pay for this service. Dealers who sign up before February 15, 2019 will also gain free access to Dealer Account - forever.

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