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DMP Introduces Dealer Admin Version 2.0

When you go to DMP’s Dealer Admin Site (, you need to be able to access your customer information quickly and easily. Today, we’re excited to release the Dealer Admin Version 2.0, a complete user interface upgrade with a cleaner, more organized look, easier navigation and several new features right on your dashboard.Version 2.0 also includes a new Dealer Setting screen that is more organized and easier to navigate.

Now You Can Assign Technician Roles

If you’ve hesitated to take full advantage of the Tech APP due to concerns that your technicians would always have access to your customer database on their personal cell phones, hesitate no longer. Version 2.0 gives you the ability to assign roles to technicians, which removes their access to the Dealer Admin and restricts their access to your system during scheduled times. While adding a safeguard for your customer database, this feature lets your technicians take full advantage of the Tech APP and gives them the tools they need, only when they need it.

Introducing Customer Systems Map

After logging in to the Dealer Admin Site, you’ll see your Customer Systems Map, a new feature on the dashboard. Zoom in to a specific area to view your customers’ addresses in street view or satellite and apply a filter to see if any of your customers are experiencing alarms, power outages, or cell coverage. The filter categories include System, Connection, Carrier and Status.

These filters allow you to take proactive measures to better serve your customers. For instance, when you apply the “Carrier” filter and zoom into a specific area, you can confirm which carrier cell device you have previously installed to determine the best cell coverage for the system you are scheduled to install next. Knowing this ahead of time, your technician will only need to take one type of cell modem for each installation.

Customer Search has moved to the Customer Dashboard
In addition to the Customer Systems Map, the new Customer Dashboard also displays a Customer Systems List that allows you to view your entire customer base at a quick glance and in a list. You can also search for specific customers.

Besides customer name, you also have the enhanced capabilities of searching by Account, System Name, and Connection Type. When you want to search your database, you won’t need to return back to your dashboard every time. Now there’s a search option on the navigation menu on each page.

With Version 2.0, your customer database is at your fingertips, not only in navigation ease but also in speed. “We’ve made significant improvements in the time it takes to load customers’ names,” explains DMP Web Services Product Manager Duane Kugler. “Even our largest customers’ databases load much faster.”

We’ve also enhanced your ability to pull analytics so you see how your business is growing. In this first phase, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard for the new Business Graph. This shows your company’s growth over the last month or more, either by the number of systems or customers you’ve added.

Dealer Reports
You can also run reports on your customers. Click Dealer Reports under Tools in the navigation menu. From here, you can either Run Customer Report or Run App User Report. Click a report type and then filter the results, search for specific customers, or export the report into a CSV, Excel, or PDF document.
These are just a few of the most notable features, many of which are based on your suggestions, says Mark Hillenburg, executive director of DMP’s Marketing. “We want to thank our dealers for their input and working closely with us to make these improvements.”

Read more in the complete Technical Update (TU-0939).

Watch this quick video below as DMP Product Manager Duane Kugler explains the new Dealer Admin.

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