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February 01, 2016

Your Choice: Make it an Access Control Credential, Panic, or Arming and Disarming Transmitter

For fast, simple, on premises alarm-system control, nothing beats a key fob. That makes key fobs a popular add-on item for almost every security system sale.

You can offer your clients any one of the complete line of DMP key fobs, including several just-released models. From a super-simple single-button key fob to the multi-functional four-button model, or fobs with built-in proximity patches for access control. You can provide your clients with just what they are looking for. The available models include:

  • 1144-1 One-Button
  • 1144-1P One-Button with Prox Credential
  • 1144-2 Two-Button
  • 1144-2P Two-Button with Prox Credential
  • 1144-D Dual-Button
  • 1144-4 Four-Button

The new key fob models are similar in construction to the 1145, including the same button decals and software operation. Improvements in the 1144 models include higher quality plastic and construction, and a larger battery with 30% more life.

The currently available 1145-2-B and 1145-4-B will transition to the 1144-2 and 1144-4 beginning February 1, while the 1145-1-B will transition at the end of February.

Every fob is completely compatible with DMP 1100 Series Wireless Receivers and Repeater, and the XTL, XT50, and XR150/XR550 Series control panels.

On every system sale, remember to offer your clients the convenience of one or more key fobs, chosen from the complete selection available from DMP.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.