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DMP Introduces the 1115 Wireless Temperature and Flood Detector

DMP Introduces the 1115 Wireless Temperature & Flood Detector

December 29, 2016

Provide Temperature Sensing and Flood Detection simultaneously from the same device.

DMP is excited to release the 1115 Wireless Temperature and Flood Detector. The 1115 can be used in a variety of applications that help protect against harmful temperature fluctuations and flood conditions.

The 1115 has an internal temperature sensor that can be set to detect cold, hot, or warm temperature ranges. When combined with a new T280R Temperature Sensor Probe, the 1115 can monitor refrigerated or freezing temperatures. The 1115 may also be combined with a new 470PB Water Sensor Probe to monitor flood conditions. Depending on a customer’s needs, the 1115 can be programmed with up to four zones and serve as a temperature sensor, flood detector, or both simultaneously.

The 1115 comes in several different package pairings to make ordering easier.

  • 1115-W
  • 1115-W/470PB (1115 and 470PB shipped together)
  • 1115-W/T280R (1115 and T280R shipped together)
  • 470PB
  • T280R

Place your orders today with DMP Customer Service at 866-266-2826, at, or online at

“This is a great new addition to the DMP product line, as water and flood damage are the number one leading cause of home insurance claims.” said Executive Marketing Director, Mark Hillenburg, “The 1115 allows dealers to provide even more value to homeowners and commercial customers alike."

The 1115-W is completely compatible with DMP 1100 Series Wireless Receivers and Repeater, and the XTLplus, XTL, XT, and XR150/XR550 Series control panels.

For more information, view the below documents & training videos:

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