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DMP Introduces the 265C and 265H Cellular Communicators

Now with External Antennas for the XTLplus™ Control Panel

November 30, 2017

DMP introduces the new 265C and 265H cellular communicators with external antennas. The 265

Series provides cellular communication for the XTLplus wireless control panels. The previously released 265C operates on the CDMA network, and the new 265H operates on the HSPA+ network.

The new external antenna provides installers flexibility to be able to get the best cellular connection in any application. This can improve the communicator's signal strength in locations where the signal is weak and the antenna needs to be remotely located.

The 265C/265H is installed on the XTLplus and powered by the panel so no additional enclosure, power supply, or battery back-up is needed. All XTLplus Series panels are being shipped with an updated housing to support the addition of the external antenna.

The external antenna design is part of the overall redesign of all DMP cellular communicators for compatibility with LTE modules. Watch for the release of the LTE cellular communicators in coming weeks.

To learn more about the updated 265C and XTLplus plastic housing, view TU-0937. 265C pricing has been updated and is available at

About the XTLplus:

The XTLplus includes all the features and benefits needed in a residential or small commercial panel, in a single, small footprint: 48 zones of 900 MHz secure two-way wireless, cellular, and Wi-Fi communication and Z-Wave Plus™. Advanced home and business security supports more zones, more users, better and faster communication and smart technology.

The small panel enables more installation options and contains exceptional expanded features. The distributed wireless system makes it difficult for intruders to disable the system, and the flexibility of a core location maximizes its performance. With its new Auto-Keypad Pairing and Easy WPS Enrolling, the XTLplus ensures the fastest installation time available in the industry.

With a fully featured app to control your system from a smartphone, tablet or browser at, the XTLplus provides an elegant user interface, no matter if the consumer is using their interactive 5-inch touchscreen or on the go. Geofencing, multi-system management, favorites and many more features make the XTLplus the system of choice for dealers everywhere. Choose from three XTLplus models:

  • XTL+Z (Z-Wave on board)
  • XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
  • XTL+WZ (Z-Wave and Wi-Fi on board)

To add cellular:

  • 265C Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator
  • 265H AT&T HSPA+ Cellular Communicator

XTLplus features:

  • 48 two-way, 900 mhz wireless zones
  • Dual communication includes Cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Supports up to eight two-way wireless key fobs or outputs
  • 200-event memory
  • 99 user codes with authority level
  • Six areas
  • Supports up to 140 Z-Wave devices
  • All New XTLplus Fast Programming

View this video to learn more about the XTLplus:

For more information go to, or view the documents below:

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