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DMP Introduces the 738T Wireless Translator

When you have the opportunity to upgrade a Honeywell®, Interlogix®, or 2GIG® panel to a DMP XT30/XT50, now there’s a single device that translates most of these competitors’ wireless transmitters without replacing its wireless sensors. This week, DMP is releasing the new 738T Wireless Translator.

DMP’s new 738T will translate low-frequency wireless transmitters, specifically 319.5 MHz used by Interlogix, and 345 MHz used by Honeywell 5800 and 2GIG. The 738T is wired directly to the keypad bus of an XT30/XT50 Series panel. In the field, technicians can easily switch between 319.5 and 345 MHz by a button press on the device.

“Replacing wireless sensors can be very expensive, but with the 738T, there’s no need to,” says Brian Crouse, product manager for DMP’s wireless and keypad products.“Let’s say, you’re replacing an Interlogix system and all of the wireless sensors work — that system’s low-frequency wireless transmitters can be learned into the 738T to send supervision, alarm, tamper, and low battery messages to the DMP panel. You can also add the DMP 1100 Series wireless at the same time.”

To upgrade the system, it’s no longer necessary to keep the existing receiver in service, Brian adds. While saving your customer the cost of replacing sensors that are working, the 738T can also expand your opportunities in the residential and small-business markets by being able to convert all-in-one systems easily.

Although the 738T can help you upgrade other competitors’ systems, it’s worth noting that no devices exist that can translate or takeover DMP’s 900 MHz wireless or control panels.

View the 738T Installation Guide: LT-1760

Note: The 738T is not for use with life safety devices.

Pricing for the 738T is available on under the Latest Pricing Notifications. For questions or more information, please contact one of our Inside Sales Representatives at or 877-757-4367 or one of our Tech Support Technicians at or 888-4-DMP-TEC (888-436-7832).

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