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DMP Introduces the All-New 1166 Wireless Smoke Ring

If there’s ever a fire at your house, you’d want to be able to protect your family. That’s why most of us have smoke detectors in our homes. But in the event of a house fire, traditional smoke detectors don’t communicate with the home’s security panels. The new 1166 Wireless Smoke Ring by DMP is an ideal solution to that problem.

This new smoke ring works in conjunction with and monitors any traditional AC-powered interconnected smoke detector system. When any of the interconnected smoke detectors in the house go into alarm, the 1166 immediately sends a message to the alarm panel, notifying the central station who can dispatch first responders and notify the homeowner.

"The 1166 gives residential customers the added assurance that they’re going to be able to protect their families and homes from fire, even if they’re not there,” explained Mark Hillenburg, executive director of DMP Marketing. “It’s the perfect solution in helping to make homes even safer.”

Installed between existing AC-powered smoke detectors and the ceiling, the 1166 Smoke Ring is easy to program, easy to install, and easy to test. Only one 1166 is required per smoke detector system and runs on one CR2477 coin cell battery (included).

All DMP 1100 Series wireless receivers and burglary panels.

Smoke Detectors:

  • BRK Brands Model 7010B
  • Firex Kidde Model i4618
  • First Alert BRK Model 9120B
  • Kidde Model i12040
  • USI Electric Model 5304

Pricing for the new item is available on under the Latest Pricing Notifications. Place your orders today with DMP Customer Service at 866-266-2826, at, or online at

For more information, please refer to the 1166 Installation Guide. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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