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DMP Introduces the Model 1122 Wireless PIR Motion Detector

DMP is pleased to introduce the 1122 Wireless PIR (Passive Infrared) Motion Detector. Available now for order, the 1122 comes in a sleek tear-drop shape that has all of the functionality of the 1121 but is priced significantly less.

The Model 1122 is ideal for most residential applications. With a generous coverage area of 90°40 x 40, it has remote programmable features including disarm/disable and pet immunity up to 55 pounds. It also has a wall tamper, internal case tamper, survey LED, low battery indicator, adjustable sensitivity, and pulse count.

“In the residential market, we know our dealers need a competitive price to offer their customers, which is the reason we’re introducing the 1122,” says Mark Hillenburg, executive director of DMP’s Marketing. In comparison to the 1121, he adds, “The 1122 is a great quality product that is available for $20 less than the previous 1121 unit.”

Pricing for the new item is available on in the latest price list. Place your orders today with DMP Customer Service at 866-266-2826, at, or online at

Note: Standard DMP Packages will be updated with the 1122 as of July 1, 2018. You can contact your Dealer Development Manager if you would like to update your kits or packages right away.

For more information, view the below documents:

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