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DMP Introduces Version 2.1 with Instant Arming

DMP is excited to introduce Version 2.1. The following features are now available:

  • Instant Arming: Instant arming is now available for users who have All/Perimeter or Home/Sleep/Away system types and whose systems have been updated to Version 171 firmware or higher. Users are now able to use to instantly arm their system by hovering their mouse over an arming option, then clicking and holding until their system instantly arms.
  • Send User Codes to Locks: User codes can now be sent to Z-WaveTM locks on XT Series systems with Version 171 firmware or higher. Simply navigate to Users in the navigation panel, then select a user. Click the toggle next to Send codes to locks to send that user code to all Z-Wave locks on the system.
  • Item Search Improvement: Now, when users type within the search bar in History, each typed word will filter the event history, narrowing down the history list. This allows users to narrow their search by every typed word, making it easier to search for specific events in their event history.

In addition to these new features, users can enjoy the new elegant and intuitive interface that came with the Version 2.0 update to perform basic features such as arming/disarming, checking status, area arming and output control. Users can also control lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, cameras, and more. Editable features like user code management includes the option to add, delete or edit users and their authority in the system. Users can view up to six cameras and record clips, view live or view pre-recorded clips.

For more details, please view TU-0954.

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