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DMP Introduces Wi-Fi Alarm Communication

April 11, 2015

One of a Dozen or So DMP Products Introduced at the ISC Show

Visitors to the DMP booth (#23035) at ISC West can get their first look at a wide variety of recently introduced and soon-to-be released DMP technology. The 763N-WIFI is a Network Alarm Communicator that provides direct to central station supervised alarm communication over the Wi-Fi network found on the premises. Network or Internet alarm communication has been around for a couple of decades. It has predominately been a commercial solution due to the inconvenience of running Cat-5 connection in residential applications until now.

The 763N-WIFI overcomes routine wiring issues. Simply connect the module to either a DMP XR Series or XT Series Control Panel, use the system keypad to scan the area for the SSID of the local Wi-Fi Network, select the network and enter the password. It’s that simple. The control panel is now communicating to the Central Station Receiver over a direct and fast Internet connection.

The 763N-WiFi is also compatible with the Virtual Keypad™ App and browser for remote control of the alarm system from a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Your customers can benefit from standard system remote control functions, to Z-Wave® automation with the new 763N-WIFI. Get the best of both worlds. Use Wi-Fi as primary communication for all the data heavy lifting, but have the convenience and security of knowing that your alarm panel has a back-up cellular communicator.

See the entire Cellular and Network Universal Communicator family of products:

  • 763N-WIFI - Wi-Fi Communicator for any Burglary Panel
  • iComSL – Network Communicator for any Burglary Panel
  • iComSLZ- Network Communicator for any Burglary Panel with Z-Wave
  • CellComSLC - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Burglary Panel
  • CellComSLCZ - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Burglary Panel with Z-Wave
  • CellComSLCF - CDMA Cellular Communicator for any Commercial Fire Panel

Other new products showcased in this year’s booth include new features for end users, new tools for dealers, more wireless devices, and a focus on panel and video communications.

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