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DMP Launches the 1164 Wireless Smoke Detector with Synchronized Sounders

1164 Units Ship Monday, June 15th, Pre-Order Today!

DMP is pleased to launch the UL Listed 1164 Wireless Smoke Detector, a first-of-its-kind wireless smoke detector with synchronized sounders. When any DMP 1164 detects smoke, it signals the panel to command all 1164s to sound the temporal code 3 cadence alarm. This meets NFPA 72 requirement for sounder synchronization in commercial installations; 1164 is also listed for residential installation. We are inviting dealers to pre-order units today, and orders will begin shipping on June 15th.

“Wireless sensors and other devices have been beneficial to both security-system dealers and end users,” said Vice President of Product Design, Jeff Britton. “But until now, there was no NFPA 72-compliant wireless sounder. DMP changes that with the development of the new line of wireless smoke detectors. Security dealers will benefit from the ability to provide customers with compliant fire-alarm systems that install quickly, and at a price point never before available, and building occupants benefit from more effective alarm signaling.”

The DMP 1164 Smoke Detector is a wireless device with integrated synchronized sounder. In installations with multiple smoke detectors, when one 1164 sounds, it signals the panel to command all 1164s to sound. Any fire zone tripped on the panel will cause the sounders to initiate. The panel also triggers any other wired strobes and strobe horns. The cadence is dictated by the panel, synchronizing the alarm tones of all wired and wireless devices. The 1164 uses the robust and experienced 900 MHz 2-Way Wireless technology from DMP that has been approved for Commercial Fire applications for several years.

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