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January 05, 2015

Effective January 1, you will enjoy a significant price decrease on the SCS-VR Virtual Receiver. This almost 20% price decrease across the board makes the SCS-VR the obvious solution for monitoring all your cell and network alarm systems. The decrease affects the following part numbers:

  • SCS-VR 500
  • SCS-VR 2500
  • SCS-VR 5000
  • SCS-VR 10000
  • SCS-VR 20000

Save up to $2000! Start off 2015 with huge savings. Upgrade and modernize your old rack-mounted receivers to the SCS-VR Virtual Receiver.

SCS-VR allows Central Stations to replace physical receivers with an AES-encrypted, software-only receiver. This DMP exclusive is a UL 1610-classified solution, and also has a UL 1076 Proprietary listing, that manages all network IP and cellular IP alarm signals, supervision, and substitution messages without the maintenance, space, or power requirements of a physical receiver.

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