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DMP Releases High Security Touchscreen Keypad

If you need high-security intrusion detection, not all keypads are created equal. As you’re entering your unique PIN code at some keypads, for instance, a favorite technique of bad guys is to “steal” your alarm code by surveillance or video. DMP is pleased to introduce a high security alternative. Featuring a randomizing keypad display plus a privacy filter, the new 7873H High Security Keypad by DMP makes it virtually impossible to steal user codes by shoulder surfing or surveillance.

“The numbers on the display are rearranged every time a code is entered,” explains Mark Hillenburg, executive director of DMP’s Marketing. As a result, he adds, “The bad guys can’t memorize a pattern of button presses.”

DMP’s keypad is randomized every time the panel requests a prompt for User Code, Try Again and Key In Pin. The keypad’s number sequence changes at each of these prompts. This not only prevents stealing a user code via pattern recognition, but it also prevents fingerprints that leave a tell-tale impression of the numbers used in a valid PIN code.

Along with the randomizing keypad, DMP’s 7873H also has a privacy screen to minimize side viewing angles. “This filter prevents visual hackers’ view from all but directly in front of the keypad,” Hillenburg says.

The numbers change every time the keypad requests a code entry, and the view from directly in front of the display is crisp and clear every time. Otherwise, from the side, the screen is black.

“We’re honored to help protect numerous federal and financial institutions — to meet their needs, our focus continues to be on designing products that ensure the highest level of security.”

DMP’s high security keypad is one of those products, Hillenburg adds. “It delivers significant benefits in helping users keep their login credentials private.”

For more details, view the High Security Keypad spec sheet. To view pricing, please visit and view the Latest Pricing Notifications.

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