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March 20, 2015

Perform Panel Field Upgrades in Minutes Without a Computer

DMP introduces a new and easy option for updating panels in the field with a device that is the size of a jump drive! The Model 400 USB Flash Module allows installers to easily field update firmware for panels that would otherwise require the use of a computer and a Model 399 Programming Harness.

The Model 400 USB Flash Module is compatible with:

  • CellComSL Series
  • XTL Series
  • XT Series

It comes equipped with a 4-Pin header to connect directly to the panel and a USB 2.0 connector to plug a USB flash drive into the 400. As new firmware is released from DMP, it can be downloaded and stored on a USB flash drive and then connected to the 400 to be used for panel firmware updates.

The LED light on the USB will indicate successful programming. For example, the LED displays a slow flash while programming. It shows a steady glow when the programming is successful and a fast flash when the programming is unsuccessful.

Save time and money with the new Flash Module!

View this installation training video on the 400 USB Module.

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