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DMP has released Version 110 software for the XTL™ Wireless Security System and XT30/XT50™ Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panels. This latest release supports enhanced Z-Wave® device integration, making it possible for panel events to trigger Z-Wave "Favorites" (or commands), initiating multiple simultaneous events with a single button-press. These "Favorite Actions" area also controlled via a handheld controller or DMP
mobile applications: MyAccess™ and the Virtual Keypad™ App.

“The new panel software release brings a new level of convenience and security to DMP system owners,” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “They can customize their systems to automatically issue a list of commands, all with just one press of the button. With the power of DMP mobile apps, they can press that button when they’re on the premises or from anywhere they have cell phone service.”

With Version 110 software, dealers have the ability to trigger events on up to 25 Z-Wave devices with a single panel action. For example, the ARM command can automatically lock doors, turn lights on or off, adjust thermostats, and more. The Z-Wave commands are grouped into named “Favorites,” with up to 25 devices controlled by each Favorite, and up to 20 Favorites available. Up to 232 Z-Wave devices can be programmed in the panel.

The panel can also be configured to initiate Favorites based on a schedule, or as an output based on a panel event. For example, different Favorites could be created to initiate based on a Fire Alarm, Late to Close, Ambush, and other events.

The panel can be disarmed by simply entering your valid user code into the compatible Z-Wave Door Lock.

Favorites and individual Z-Wave devices can be accessed using text commands via MyAccess or via the touch-screen interface available with the Virtual Keypad App.

Version 2.1 of the DMP Virtual Keypad App is available for download at the Apple® App Store or for Android at Google Play.

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