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December 11, 2014

You may receive calls regarding the recent story by ABC News regarding the vulnerability of home security systems to hacking, specifically by fooling a system’s wireless devices. Based on your knowledge of security systems and DMP wireless products, you are probably aware that DMP 1100 Series, 2-Way wireless technology is not susceptible to this type of attack. However, you should be prepared as to how to respond to any customers who may call with these concerns.

The news story presented different threat scenarios which were based on someone using expensive sophisticated engineering tools to fool or hack the systems wireless devices. But those systems in the story relied on one-way narrow band communication at 300 MHz or 433 MHz.

That’s not how DMP 2-Way Wireless technology works. DMP 1100 Series Wireless Technology uses 900 MHz frequency hopping; spread-spectrum that is constantly changing the channel used by the system components every 32 milliseconds in a unique pattern to communicate with one another. As a single signal is sent to the receiver, a single acknowledgement is returned, if the acknowledgement is not received it tries again until it gets through. This system makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to find and access our 1100 Series Two-Way wireless.

In addition, DMP wireless technology has UL Commercial Burglary & Fire listings. Earning these listings require the equipment to demonstrate anti-jamming capabilities. This anti-jamming ability prevents someone from blasting the system with loud and harsh RF frequencies that would render the system unable to communicate, without creating an alarm or notification of such jamming activity.

It’s not impossible for a determined hacker to access a system, as demonstrated by the regular reports of attacks on major retailers, businesses, and other organizations. But when it comes to home and commercial wireless burglary systems, DMP technology is significantly more secure than other manufacturers, and is not susceptible to the type of attack shown in the ABC story.

We have included a link to a recent White Paper that will answer more questions as to why DMP 1100 Series Wireless is your best option for today’s security requirements.

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