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April 14, 2015

One of a Dozen or So DMP Products Introduced at the ISC Show

Visitors to the DMP booth (#23035) at ISC West can get a first look at a wide variety of recently introduced and brand new DMP technology, including System Analytics. System Analytics is an analytics tool provided in the VK Administrative site that is a cloud-based portal allowing SecureCom Wireless Dealers to administer their customer's DMP Panels and login rights. How many times have you sent your technicians to a site to investigate a communications issue and found the issue was the carrier and had nothing to do with your equipment? System Analytics in the VK Administrative Site is here to save your technicians time and your company money reducing unnecessary on-site visits, as well as allow you to offer a superior product and support in your market.

"In this day and age, alarm company technicians should be able to troubleshoot alarm communication remotely without having to go on-site," says Jeff Britton, SecureCom Wireless General Manager. "System Analytics offers technicians information immediately and accurately, making it easier for technicians to install and service their installation faster and more efficient than ever."

The new analytics provide rich system data such as Current Signal, Worst Signal, Best Signal, Retries-Cellular, Retries-Network, AC Voltage, and Battery voltage. Historical Panel Data includes such information as the carrier, cell status, connection status, last app connection as well as base Station ID's. A 'refresh' button is available to ensure that technicians receive real-time data to be able to make fast decisions. Save time and money with System Analytics.

Other new products showcased in this year's booth include new features for end-users, new tools for dealers, more wireless devices, and a focus on panel and video communications.

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