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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has added T-Mobile® as a new carrier option for its SecureCom Wireless cellular service. SecureCom Wireless was launched in 2008 to provide dealers with the cellular services needed to create a reliable, dedicated, wireless path for the transmission of alarm signals. The availability of T-Mobile gives dealers added flexibility to choose the best cellular carrier and plan to meet the needs of their customers.

"DMP technology offers many unique features that aren't available anywhere else," said SecureCom Wireless, Director, Jeff Britton. "The same is true of services like SecureCom Wireless. Other manufacturers lock dealers in to a single cellular carrier. DMP now provides the freedom for dealers to select SecureCom Wireless or other carriers. For those that choose the convenience and cost benefits of SecureCom Wireless, they now have a choice of AT&T™ or T-Mobile as their carriers."

In both new and existing installations, customers are increasingly turning away from dial-up connections in favor of cellular or network connections. All DMP panels are cellular-capable:

- The XT Series™ Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panel is available with cellular built-in or as an add-on using the 263G Digital Communicator card

- The XR500™ Command Processor Panel utilizes the plug-in 463G digital communicator to add cellular capability

- The XTL™ Wireless Security System includes cellular on-board

In addition to providing simpler activation, SecureCom Wireless rates offer a very cost-effective option for cellular service. After establishing an account with SecureCom Wireless, installers are issued a Customer Key that enables them to activate the panel's cellular service via the DMP RemoteLink™ application. Remote Link version 1.58 or higher supports the T-mobile service.

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