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DMP & SecureCom Wireless Want to Save Your Company Time & Money with System Analytics™

April 22, 2015

You are going to love the enhanced System Analytics in the SecureCom VK Administrative Site. System Analytics is a tool within a cloud-based portal allowing SecureCom Wireless Dealers to administer their customer's DMP Panels and login rights. System Analytics provides rich system data that has never been available before without sending a tech to the installation site. Technicians will now be able to proactively troubleshoot and diagnose issues before they become problems, and many times without rolling a truck to the site.

System Analytics in the VK Administrative Site is here to save your technicians time and your company money by reducing unnecessary on-site visits and giving you valuable system data that you can make decisions with. You will easily be able to troubleshoot problems and give your customer information with confidence.

The new analytics provide signal information such as: Current Signal, Worst Signal, Best Signal, Retries-Cellular, Retries-Network, AC Voltage, and Battery voltage. Historical Panel Data includes such information as the carrier, cell status, connection status, last app connection as well as base Station ID's.

"In this day and age, alarm company technicians should be able to troubleshoot alarm communication remotely without having to go on-site", says Jeff Britton, SecureCom Wireless General Manager. "System Analytics offers technicians information immediately and accurately, making it easier for technicians to install and trouble shoot their installation faster and more efficient than ever."

System Analytics even offers a refresh button to ensure that technicians receive up to the moment data to be able to make decisions with the most current data.

DMP and SecureCom Video are introducing Video Verification to the Central Station. This patent pending technology is compatible with any Automation Software, and makes live and pre-alarm video clips available to the central station operator immediately as the intrusion alarm screen displays. For more information see DMP Presents Video Verification to the Central Station and Mobile App.

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