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February 11, 2014

Available from the Apple® Store for XT/XTL Series Panels

Springfield, MO - With the latest upgrade to the DMP Virtual Keypad app, users gain expanded capabilities when using their app. The following features have been added: User Code Management and Panel Access specific to app users.

Users at a Master Level (only) can now Add, Edit and Delete users of XT and XTL Series Control Panels operating with Version 117 or higher software. User names up to 16 characters are supported with up to 30 users on the XTL/XT30 panels and up to 99 on the XT50.

User Authority Settings Include:

  • Areas to Arm/Disarm
  • Master user selection
  • Temporary Code (user is auto deleted in 7 days)
  • Arm only (no disarming authority)

The above feature is in addition to the existing upgrades to the DMP Virtual Keypad App: User Code Prompt, Push Notifications and History Tab. The User Code Prompt is required to open the app, unless it is saved. Enabling Push Notifications allows alarm events such as Alarms, Troubles, Arming/Disarming and Sensor Activity to appear on the users iPhone or iPad, whether via an alert or banner.

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