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Redesigned Faster App, New Look & Feel

The Virtual Keypad™ App Version 4.0 is a brand new user interface that integrates intuitive tabs and screens for IOS7 and greater platforms, making it simpler and faster for your customers to navigate their alarm system. Once they try this app, they will be able to easily use the Touchscreen keypad and browser based on the same look and feel.

The new Virtual Keypad™ App 4.0 has all the features of the previous version and is compatible with Apple® devices and is available for download at the Apple® App Store.

“Version 4.0 is a major enhancement to the Virtual Keypad in terms of navigation, user interface and speed of use,” said Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “With this new look, DMP is bringing all of its user interfaces to a similar navigation platform so that your customers will be familiar with the entire suite of options. They simply need to pick any one or all of these gorgeous new interfaces."

The Virtual Keypad App 4.0 offers the following features:

  • System Arming
  • System Disarming
  • All/ Perimeter, Home/Sleep/Away or Multi-Area Operation
  • System Status
  • Panel Output Status and Control
  • Z-Wave Thermostats
  • Z-Wave Light Modules
  • Z-Wave Locks
  • Favorites (control multiple Z-Wave devices with a single button)
  • Actions allow you to associate Favorites to activate specific events
  • Rooms: Program a picture (you take) of your room with hotspots that control devices
  • Real-time weather for your local zip code
  • Sensor activity zone setting
  • View live video and clips from Cameras
  • User code management includes the ability to add, delete or edit users from your system (Now includes ALL DMP XTL, XT and XR Series Panels)
  • Receive push notifications and view history of alarm events, arming/disarming, and troubles by other users on their system
  • Do all of the above on MULTIPLE SYSTEMS from the same app.
  • Users can access online help in the App under the Settings tab.

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