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DMP XR150 and XR550 Slave Communicators in Commercial Fire Applications

January 09, 2014

The DMP XR150 and XR550 recently gained added versatility by earning UL 864 certification as a slave communicator that transmits via network or cellular communications in commercial fire installations and is compatible with any FACP.

Dealers can upgrade XR150 and XR550 panels to add cellular communications by adding the 263H/381-2 and 263C/381-2 Digital Communicators, an easy-to-install expansion card that creates a direct, wireless communications path one activated with SecureCom Wireless™ to any DMP Central Station Receiver. Dealers can also order panels with network communications on-board. Both options will allow the DMP panel to be used as a slave communicator for an existing FACP.

In addition to standard hardwire slave communication installations that connect inputs to the XR150/XR550 Control Panel, DMP panel slave communicators can also be installed using the 1100X Wireless Receiver or 1100XH High Power Wireless Receiver with 1103 Wireless Transmitters to communicate the FACP status. Refer to diagrams 1.10- 1.12 in the Compliance Listing Guide for Panel Slave Communicator for FACP.

When equipped with the Cellular Communicators, the panels also offer DMP exclusive MyAccess ™ Messaging Features as well as use with the DMP Virtual Keypad App and supervised cellular communication. Mobile applications can immediately text or alert the building manager, maintenance supervisor or on-site Safety/Security director upon alarm or troubles.

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