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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has released the latest upgrade to its powerful XT Series Burglary/Fire/Door Access Panel, with new features that enhance security, simplify operation for end users, and provide dealers with opportunities for additional recurring revenue from cellular services.

End users can now issue common commands via cell phone text messages to their system, including arming or disarming their system. If users can't remember the commands, they can just type ‘HELP' and the panel will send the commands to them in a message. The enhanced SMS/text messaging capability also lets end users selectively subscribe to alerts when their system is armed and disarmed, and/or any alarms occur. Message destination addresses have been expanded to 48 characters to accommodate additional cellular service carriers.

With the latest XT version, installers and central stations gained the ability to remotely program panels via cellular. Dealers will also appreciate the availability of more zones, areas, and keypad addresses, providing enhanced flexibility and protection.

"The XT Series was a ground-breaking panel when it was introduced last year, with all communication options ... network, cell, and dialer built on one board, plus the included wireless capability," said Vice President of Sales, Jeff McAleer. "Now we've increased the functionality and ease of use by enabling end users to control their alarm systems from anywhere via simple text messages. Dealers will be impressed with the full programming capabilities via cell, expanded zones, areas, and addresses, and that we've further increased the capabilities of what is already one of the most powerful and flexible panels available."

Version 102 increases the capability of the XT30 to 42 zones; 10 onboard and 32 via the eight keypad addresses. The XT50 offers 58 zones; 10 onboard and 48 wired or wireless zones. Each XT panel can now manage up to six areas and supports up to eight keypad addresses. The XT also now supports the DMP 1126 Wireless PIR.

For retail and other installations, the "Late to Open/Early to Close" and "Traffic Count" messages provide end users with valuable information about activities in their facilities.

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