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June 12, 2013

Increase the Life of Your Cellular Installations

DMP has released the newest version of the popular XTL™ Wireless Burglary Control Panel. The new XTLC has CDMA Cellular technology on-board allowing dealers to increase the life of their installations. This new model is in addition to the recently added XTLN (Network Communication) and XTLN-WiFi (WiFi Communication). Together, these communication capabilities create the fastest-installing panel with the m

ost secure alarm communication available.

"DMP has provided our dealers with multiple communication options over the years, and we continue to do so, offering a choice of cellular technology and a choice of carriers with greater coverage, allowing DMP dealers to install panels on a cellular platform that has no end in sight”, said Mark Nesmith, Vice President of Sales. “And, as DMP dealers have come to expect, the new XTLC is backwards compatible with existing wireless modules, enabling a seamless upgrade to the newest technology available in our industry”.

The new XTLC has been tested and approved to meet the below listed standards, as well as for use on the Verizon Network. Note: CDMA devices do not contain a SIM card.

  • CP-01-2010 False Alarm Reduction
  • 1023 Household Burglar
  • 985 Household Fire Warning
  • 1610 Central Station Burglar

All four XTL models − the XTL, XTLN , XTLN-WIFI and now the XTLC − provide most of the features found in the larger DMP panels, including 28 two-way wireless zones, 6 areas, and 30 user codes. The XTL panels support up to 4 wireless keypads and have built-in proximity readers as an option. They also include up to 8 outputs for wireless key fobs, sirens, annuciators, and relays.

While the XTLs are compact and easy to install, they are true, distributed security systems. With a separate panel, sensors, and sirens, they are much more secure than easily disabled, self-contained units.

The DMP App provides Apple™ iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™ users with the ability to access most XTL system functions remotely via network, cellular, or WiFi. DMP dealers can customize the DMP App with their logo, keeping a constant reminder of their brand in front of end users.

XTL panels can be monitored with the SCS-VR Virtual Receiver, the highly reliable, high-functioning receiver that manages all network and cellular alarm signals, supervision, and substitution messages without the maintenance, space, and power requirements of a comparable rack-mounted hardware receiver.

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