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DMP’s Many Virtues Evident in SSI Editor’s Site Visit

Nearly 40 years after rolling out its first alarm control panel, Springfield, Mo.-based DMP holds steadfast to prioritizing innovation and people.

Written by Scott Goldfine, Security Sales & Integration

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. ― Since coming into the industry nearly 20 years ago and seeing the cool-looking and innovative alarm keypads and control panels DMP was known for, I had long desired to see the manufacturer’s operations. The fact so many industry professionals who had been there sung praises and Founder/CEO Rick Britton had been inducted into the SSIIndustry Hall of Fame only served to deepen my curiosity and interest.

I always thought and hoped that one day an industry event or other business would bring me to DMP’s home state of Missouri, affording me the opportunity for a side trip to its headquarters. I waited … and waited … and waited, but surprisingly, apart from changing planes in St. Louis, nothing materialized.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I reached out to my DMP friend Mark Hillenburg, the company’s executive director of marketing, and arranged a dedicated visit to the epitome of Middle America — Springfield, Mo. After having spent an extended period of time in DMP’s sprawling, squeaky-clean facility and among its friendly and engaged culture, I am here to tell you the legends are true!

These folks take the Show Me State philosophy to heart! In all seriousness, from the entry-level workers to the top executives and from the reception area to the factory floor it’s little wonder jobseekers are beating down the company’s doors, products are flying off the shelves and the business is the envy of others.

It was nearly 40 years ago when DMP introduced its first alarm panel to the industry, and ever since it has staked its reputation on delivering innovative and attractive products along with personalized, fast and expert service across the board. It was quite an experience to see firsthand precisely how the company continues to uphold the character and characteristics that lay at its foundation while propelling the business forward with new technology.

I would like to express much gratitude to Hillenburg (who also drove me to DMP’s previous and first locations) and his family for their exceptional hospitality, and Britton and Executive Vice President Joe Hurst for spending so much time with me. As well, thank you to the many DMP associates who explained and showed how they do their jobs.

If you ever have the chance to tour the complex I urge you to do so; I have a feeling the DMP folks would be pleased to oblige. In the meantime, see DMP’s Springfield headquarters for yourself in the accompanying slideshow. Also be sure to check out my separate extended one-on-one interview with Britton.

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