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Drive Customer Engagement With Email Campaigns From Dealer Admin

Put These Email Campaigns to Work for You Today!

In July, you may recall reading about Dealer Admin’s introduction of the Customer Score that’s based on specific services. Why should that score matter to you? It reflects your customers’ engagement — and we all know that highly engaged customers buy more, refer more and demonstrate more loyalty!

It’s no surprise then that people with the highest Customer Scores frequently use the Virtual Keypad app. And, they’re also taking advantage of other key services, including home automation, user code management, video cameras and Video Verification.

But what about the customers who aren’t? Perhaps they don’t realize what they’re missing!

Today we’re excited to expand Dealer Admin’s suite of tools with new Email Campaigns. These emails give you a no-cost way to easily begin a conversation with your customers about products and services they haven’t yet taken advantage of.

Click to watch the DMP Spotlight video about Email Campaigns.

“We’ve qualified the customers and prepared the messaging,” explains Clayton Tummons, vice president of software for SecureCom Wireless. “There’s no need to do anything other than select which email you want to send.”

From Dealer Admin’s Email Campaigns section, select the Email Campaigns tab to preview and select these seven email templates:

  • Automation
  • App Inactivity
  • Sensor Activity
  • User Code Management
  • Video Doorbell
  • Video Cameras
  • Video Verification

Your company logo, phone and email address are automatically inserted into each email along with a contact button. When a customer presses the button, they’re redirected to a Thank You page, and their information is automatically populated in Customer Referrals.

“We’re focused on helping you grow your business, and we know that customers are more sticky when these services are enabled,” Tummons adds. “Engaging your existing customers is one of the best ways to grow your business and even gain new system sales.”

For more information, please refer to Dealer Admin Version 2.36.0 Feature Update TU-1125.

If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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