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Elevating Banking Security

Why Banks Choose DMP:
Streamlined Audit Reporting Capabilities for Efficiency and Compliance

Financial institutions that take a strategic approach toward regulatory reporting understand the value of having a security partner like DMP. While ensuring the security of their patrons, employees and assets, those who rely on DMP also have the ability to streamline their compliance efforts.

To ensure the highest levels of operational integrity, institutions require reliable audit trails. The XR Series™ control panel meets that need with an impressive set of audit reporting features designed for enterprise-level compliance. For instance:

Zone Supervision/Inactive Zone Auditing

Zone auditing supervises every zone across a system. This means security directors can rely on the panel to automatically conduct a test in a selected number of days. If a zone doesn’t change status over that time period, an “Inactive Zone” message is sent to the monitoring center with the zone name, number and account number. This ensures the system’s integrity with notifications if a zone isn’t working. It also adds accountability for services your contractors are paid to perform.

Late to Open/Early to Close

If a branch has not disarmed its security system within a selected number of minutes after the “opening time schedule,” a “Late to Open” message is automatically sent to the monitoring center.

Likewise, if the alarm system arms within a selected number of minutes prior to the scheduled closing time, an “Early to Close” message is automatically sent to the monitoring center, creating the required audit report.

While ensuring the facility remains in compliance, both the Late to Open and Early to Close features ensure staff accountability and tighten the protection of employees and assets.

Dual Authority/Card Plus Pin

This feature requires two user codes be entered on the keypad before granting access to a specific area. For audit compliance, opening and closing logs are automatically entered into the database. Reports can be scheduled to send on a regular basis.

Additionally, the Card Plus Pin feature requires both a user’s credentials and pin before the system will disarm selected areas. This eliminates concerns about lost cards or key fob credential.

Inactive User Monitoring/Revocation to Baseline

With the XR Series’ “use it or lose it” feature, keeping a database up to date is actually quite easy. If a code is not used within a programmable number of days, the panel will automatically transmit the user’s name, number and an “inactive user” message to the monitoring center.

No matter how many users are on a system, this gives security directors an automatic way of maintaining audit compliance by validating all assigned credentials. Messages can also be sent automatically to notify employees before their credentials expire. Also, when employees transfer within the company to other positions, the system automatically revokes access back to baseline, eliminating the chance of an employee having access to areas they no longer need.

AES 128- or 256-bit Encryption

To protect data from being intercepted by third parties, standard bank-level encryption — 128-bit or 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) is available.

Having encryption in place secures alarm communications across your entire network. At the local level, communication is also encrypted from the panel to each of your duress and access devices. DMP’s exclusive 1144 Series Key Fob, for instance, incorporates access control credentials into panic buttons so that all employees have a panic button on them at all times. From virtually any part of the work campus, the 1144 key fob can silently signal an emergency — that’s because each one is designed with Two-Way™ Wireless and can communicate up to 1.7 miles open air with a high-power receiver.

One Integrated System Delivers Cost Savings, Convenience and Compliance

Financial institutions want an integrated approach that not only gives them intrusion and fire detection but access control all in one system. DMP’s financial partners have requested new features to meet evolving regulatory, shareholder and audit requirements. DMP consistently responds with solutions. The XR Series panel continues to deliver with easier programming and management features across large enterprise applications.

The XR Series gives customers a single system to purchase, install and maintain. Additionally, customers appreciate the value of a streamlined user experience, decreased training rigor and consistency in program executions. However, in order to design such a powerful solution, our first and foremost commitment to our customers is earning their trust by listening.

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