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Entré™ 8.3 Adds Multiple Programming Updates

Entré™ 8.3 Offers Multiple Programming Updates for XR Panel Compatibility

If you’ve previously purchased an Entré license, are current with your Entré support agreement, and have an Entré certified technician, you’ll now be able to install or update the new Entré Version 8.3 and have the benefit of the panel programming updates we released earlier this spring with the XR Series Version 191.

For example, Entré 8.3 adds the option of cellular as the primary or backup path. If the network fails, this ensures the panels will continue sending events over the cellular path. Entré also supports other XR 191 features including the addition of an Instant Zone Type and increased door schedules from 8 to 16 per door.

Other XR Panel Programming Options:

  • Zone Activity Hours (XR550 Version 107 and higher)
  • Programming the Keypad Armed LED option
  • “Use False Alarm Question” option
  • “Allow Own User Code Change” option

What Else Does Entré 8.3 Add?
New SQL-Based Report for Remote Firmware Updates — This report includes Status of Update, which identifies which panel updates were successful or failed. It also includes the Operator Name, Panel Name, Current Firmware, and Previous Firmware.

Multi-Panel Firmware Update — You now have the ability to set up an automation rule to perform the panel firmware update. You also have the ability to set the encryption type in the communications path to the monitoring center receiver.

Entré NOC Functionality Improvements — for instance:

  • Wireless key fob programming has been added to the web client — this can be added from a browser window
  • Active directory integration to disable badges when a person is made inactive in a company’s active directory

For more information on Entré NOC, click here.

Click here to see the Entré Version 8.3 Feature Update TU-1057.

Upgrading to Entré Version 8.3
Please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-832. For additional information, please visit

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.