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Entré Enhancements Continue, Version 8.4 Now Available

Including Single Sign-On for User Convenience and Overall Greater Security

Entré software continues to expand with performance improvements to ensure a smoother, more convenient user experience. Version 8.4 adds support for Single Sign-On (SSO), for instance, which saves time for the user, who is now required to sign in to Entré just one time per session.

SSO authenticates user login information by referencing their active directory credentials. The Entré web client allows you to use a service provider, such as Ping Identity, to authenticate a user. When a user attempts to sign in, the service provider verifies the login information from the Tomcat server and assigns a certificate that grants access to the web client.

For the Entré full client, SSO works just like Remote Link. It allows you to assign a Windows user to an operator. When a user signs in to Windows, the user’s login is checked against information in the Entré database. If the user exists in Entré, they are authenticated and automatically signed in when the program is opened.

You won’t be prompted to enter your credentials during that session again. That’s a time-saving benefit we’d all enjoy! There’s also a security benefit as well.

“With the referencing of Active Directory of all user codes and passwords, Admin, HR or IT personnel can easily enable and disable Entré operator access immediately,” explains Justin Norris, product manager for DMP Access Control. “This makes for easier Entré user login management to ensure greater security.”

For better user code management and tighter security, SSO is a customary practice among banks and government. Version 8.4 expands that best practice for the convenience and security of all Entré customers.

To install or update the new Entré Version 8.4, you must have a current Entré support agreement and have an Entré certified technician. With that, you can take advantage of the new SSO feature, along with other benefits, including:

Enabling Deletion of Data
With the exception of information that’s referenced in other places across hardware within Entré, Version 8.4 allows customers to fully delete unused panels and related data. Previously, customers were allowed to disable information, although that data continued to take up storage space in the Entré SQL database. This affected overall performance of Entré, especially during Automation operations like copy and prune. Now, removing information that’s not used or needed will allow you to clean up your SQL database and increase the overall performance.

More Secure Operator Password Hashing
Operator passwords are now hashed more securely within Entré. All new users and users who change their passwords can take advantage of this improved functionality.

Improved Search: Hardware List and Hardware Tree
Now Entré customers have the option to search in the Hardware List and Hardware Tree modules by panel account number. Rather than automatically loading the entire list, only the hardware that’s associated with the account number is needed; therefore, it loads faster.

Background Performance Improvements
With this upgrade, we’ve made other improvements across Entré to enhance the user experience. Depending on what Entré version you’re currently using, this upgrade may take slightly longer to complete.

Watch for Future Entré Updates
As our Entré team continues its focus on these and other improvements, stay tuned for the next update to be released by the end of 2019. In the meantime, click here to see the Entré Version 8.4.0 (9/27/19) Feature Update TU-1096.

To upgrade Entré 8.4, please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-832. For additional information, please visit

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