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Entré Expands With 8.6 Update

Customers With Thousands of Panels Will Enjoy these New Features the Most

When searching a database for a particular user or panel, Entré 8.6 allows new ways to filter what you don’t need, so you can find exactly what you do need faster. While some new features are specifically geared to central stations or Entré NOC customers who manage thousands of panels, others 8.6 features apply to all Entré customers.

New Features for All Entré Customers

Performance Improvements to the Hardware Tree and List
Now, in addition to filtering by device address and name, you can sort the Hardware Tree and Hardware List by account number. This makes it significantly easier to find panels quickly. By using the account number, you can organize your hardware tree for easier identification of your panels.

Create and Edit Zones under Edit-Panel
Now you can add, edit and delete zones directly from the panel’s configuration window. Rather than going to each specific area to add zones, this consolidates that process, making it easier and faster without having to go to multiple places. A simple double-click on the panel will take you to the Edit – Panel window.

736V Device and Zone Support
With this update, you can add the 736V V-Plex Module to convert non-DMP panels into Entré. As you may know, DMP’s 736V V-Plex Module lets you upgrade Honeywell® V-Plex® systems to DMP without replacing the existing V-Plex devices and wire. This flexibility saves you time and money, giving you the competitive advantage when updating schools or large commercial applications. You also have the added benefit of being able to provide customers the benefits of the Virtual Keypad™ app.

Search by Desired User Code Profile in Personnel and Badges
The search has been enhanced to allow you to search for the desired user code profile using some of the panel’s known identifying information such as: account number, panel number, custom fields, etc. This includes any combination of these values.

Included Firmware
With this release and all future releases, Entré is bundled with the highest XR panel firmware it supports. In this case, that’s XR Version 1.93. This bundled package means that customers will only have one fee to scan both firmware versions.

New Option to Hide Drivers Increase Security
Entré 8.6 allows you to customize the operator profile to display or hide the automation drivers for the Hardware Tree and List. When operators need to add users, panels or perform other basic management forms, the drivers will not be visible; therefore, they can’t accidentally turn off the automation driver.

New Features for Entre NOC Customers and Central Stations
For customers working with thousands of panels, Version 8.6 fundamentally changes the way Entré functions. The more data you have, for instance, the longer you may think it’s going to take to find exactly what you’re looking for. With Version 8.6, it’s never been easier.

Greater Efficiency With Search Enhancements
Now you can take advantage of the ability to combine multiple clarifiers to narrow a search. By using the word “and” in the search field, you can simultaneously filter and search the database. This increases operators’ efficiencies by allowing flexibility and granularity to search any screen however they need to.

Significantly Faster Load Times
This speeds up loading across all Entré screens. When searching badge modules, for instance, there’s no waiting for data from potentially thousands of panels and devices to load.

Version 8.6 also includes other improvements. To learn more, click here to see the Entré Version 8.6.0 (5/6/20) Feature Update TU-1132. To upgrade Entré 8.6, please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-832. For additional information, please visit

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